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Despite being active, I seek other aspects that combine my passion for aesthetics and art, I aim to play a more significant role both in the beauty industry as a hairdresser, and in the artistic sphere, whether as an actor, director, cultural producer, sound design specialist and lighting, and also as an artistic and scenic consultant. My five-year experience at four different beauty companies solidified my skill as a hairdresser, while my three-year involvement in marketing consultancy, mainly within the academic context of advertising and today, enhanced my understanding of the market and strategic communication.

I am a creator and manipulator of 3D objects specialized in mesh and texture for games, with emphasis on my company and tutoring in manipulation techniques on the second life platform, from Linden Lab. In 2023, I successfully launched an innovative Skins design course, using deftly master basic digital and 3D manipulation tools such as Photoshop, Substance Painter, and Blender. My journey is driven by the constant pursuit of excellence and creating engaging and memorable visual experiences.

Furthermore, my three-year career at Grupo Teatral Máschara, under the direction of Cléber Lorenzoni, deepened my connection with the dramatic arts and consolidated my technical skills in audiovisual production. Currently, I am looking to expand my work locally in partnership with actor, director and cultural producer Romeu Waier, exploring work opportunities locally or regionally, or online, in areas that align with my experience and passions. At the same time, I am studying a Bachelor's degree in Journalism at Uninter, further expanding my understanding of communication and storytelling.

I am excited to contribute in a meaningful way in dynamic environments that value creativity, innovation and professional excellence.

I have an appreciation for a wide range of areas, from hair, fashion and makeup to advertising, languages and semiotics. My interest in audiovisual production, cinema, dramatic arts and theater and as cultural production is complemented by solid skills in video and photo editing. Additionally, my affinity for writing, philosophy, and virtual worlds combines well with my experience in graphic design, web design, and visual brand identity. My skill in 3D design and texturing for virtual environments adds an additional dimension to my expertise. I communicate effectively and collaborate well, supported by mastery of digital marketing tools and a solid foundation in business management.

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