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" Esconderijos Do Tempo" - GRUPO MÁSCHARA THEATER Company - South Brazilian theater company 30 years of history

Updated: Jun 25

On Sunday the 9th I had the opportunity, after a few years, to se again this masterpiece and theatrical relic by @grupomaschara directed by @kleberlorenzoni. A show that is a hallmark of the group's excellence with an intense lyrical charge that makes us reflect on our existence almost throughout the entire piece. Inspired by the works and poems of Mário Quintana. A poetic masterpiece. Thank you to "Dire" for allowing us to see the pre-performance rehearsals. And have enormous affection when I can be with you. The play in which the "theater bug" really bit me and made me take group classes in 2018 with the "Charlie's Angels" @elianialessio and @romeuwaier. 🎭 @grupomaschara

south brazilian theater company 30 years of history


( update ) Esconderijos do tempo in Alegrete - Rio Grande do sul - Brazil - june 24

"Esconderijos do tempo" by the Máschara theater company enchants the community of Alegrete with a show inspired by the life and work of the poet Mário Quintana this Monday. The show has been in production for almost 20 years and is one of the main works of director Kléber Lorenzoni and Dulce Jorge. @grupomaschara (June 24)

enchanting prologue of the play
fabio novello clara devi and Kléber Lorenzoni ( image By Grupo Máschara )


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