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Romeu Waier Status Ascension Ceremony at "Grupo Máschara"

Status ascension ceremony for the great @romeuwaier. With text adaptation by Samuel becket and the "godfather" @fabio_novelloator. we are always very proud! @grupomaschara 🎭

actors fabio novello and romeu waier at his status ascension image by grupo maschara
samuel becket

( image Grupo Teatral Máschara ) -

  • status ascension romeu waier

Sunday the 16th was another special day for Romeu Waier and the Máschara Group, with text by Samuel Becket and a more than current theme, Romeu together with the great actor Fabio Novello, in a ceremony to raise his status of the Máschara theater group. He moved us, enchanted and broke paradigms by bringing to the " palacinho" stage for a select group of colleagues and friends from the world of performing artists, a text that, according to himself, is extremely difficult to internalize the narrative due to its intense psychological content, bringing visceral human pain and almost Brechtian ( becket-nian) dramatic charge, the actor accepted the challenge and, as always, he did so with flying colors. Sometimes referring to the tragedy we a re passing through in our state, the plastic scene and the allusion to the media storm of information, the entire scene was covered by crumpled newspapers, the chilling soundtrack, the impeccable interpretation of both the emerging and the elderly Fábio made us reflect the how important art, and even more so performing arts ( theater ), is for us as human beings. A great pride, "EVOÉ" always!

Rick Artemii.


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