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Find out how to help the state of Rio Grande Do Sul in this catastrophic moment! how to help people on south brazil disaster

how to help people on south brazil disaster
how to help people on south brazil disaster

how to help people on south brazil disaster

If you want to help flood victims in Rio Grande do Sul, here are some ways you can contribute:

1. Cash donations:

- The State government established a PIX (CNPJ) bank account key to receive donations in amounts from people and companies that wish to transfer resources to help victims of the floods in RS. The account belongs to Banrisul and the amounts will be managed in partnership with entities recognized in social assistance and humanitarian aid work. You can make donations of any amount to the SOS Rio Grande do Sul account (CNPJ: 92.958.800/0001-38). - In addition, it is possible to transfer amounts through PIX to official accounts provided by the city halls of affected cities.

2. Necessity Items:

- Food, lactose-free milk, personal hygiene products, bedding, towels, geriatric diapers, children's diapers, underwear, blankets, pillows, among others. - The ideal is to assemble kits with the items above, which would eliminate the sorting and assembly steps, speeding up the transfer of material to vulnerable communities.

3. Volunteering:

- If you can, volunteer your time and skills to help in affected municipalities.

4. Don't fall for scams:

- Be careful that scammers do not harm solidarity. Donate through official channels and avoid suspicious intermediaries. or spreaders of disinformation.

5. Pray whatever you believe for the victims and their families

- Pray for strength, comfort and hope for those facing this tragedy.



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