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28th edition of the lgbtqiapn+ Parade in São Paulo

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Last Sunday, the city of São Paulo hosted the 28th edition of the lgbtqiapn+ Parade, an event that brought together artists and public authorities in a celebration of diversity. With the theme "Returning green and yellow to citizens", participants were encouraged to adorn themselves with the colors of the national flag, symbolizing the claim of national symbols as a heritage of all Brazilians, regardless of their gender identity or orientation. sexual.

This year's demonstration was not just a party, but also a political act, emphasizing the importance of lgbtqiapn+ rights and the fight against discrimination. The event was attended by several public figures

The parade, which has already become one of the biggest events of its kind in the world, stood out not only for its magnitude, but also for its profound meaning, reinforcing the place of the LGBTQIAN+ community at the heart of Brazilian society and democracy.🏳️🌈 🇧🇷🏳️⚧️ #PrideLGBTQIAPN #PrideMonth #lgbtqia #lgbtqiapn #Pride #paradasp @Mídia NINJA


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